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Cancer Therapy Unit

Our Cancer Therapy Unit was established to meet the increasing need for integrated medicine and surgical treatment of cancer in pets. Drawing on the latest information from around the world, we have established protocols to provide the highest chance of successful treatment based upon proven evidence.

Although cancer in dogs and cats remains difficult to treat successfully, these treatment protocols provide an alternative for owners wishing to explore the options.

What is involved?

Different cancers and different patients mean that every case must be individually assessed. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, further tests may be required to determine the best treatment approach. This process is referred to as staging. The tests required for staging will depend upon the the type of cancer present.

Once staging is complete we can discuss with you the treatment options available. This may involve surgery, chemotherapy or a combination of both. It is important to remember that chemotherapy in animals is a little different to that in people. We use drugs and doses to minimize side effects such as vomiting and diarrhoea, common in people. With most protocols hair loss does not occur.

Our aim is to ensure a quality of life that is as normal as possible.

Treatment of cancer is always difficult and side effects are possible. It is essential that these side effects are managed by people with experience in cancer therapy. Once a treatment protocol is decided upon, we will provide information sheets and treatment schedules for each individual patient.

Chemotherapy drugs can be dangerous, and certainly require special handling during preparation and administration. Most treatments can be given on an outpatient basis and require no longer than 30 - 60 minute visits. An intravenous catheter will always be placed to ensure accurate delivery of injections.

If you would like to find out more about the treatment options available for your pet, your veterinarian can refer you to the Veterinary Specialist Centre Cancer Therapy Unit. Where possible we will work with your veterinarian, who may be able to assist with parts of the protocol such as blood tests. To arrange an appointment, please telephone us on 9888-9800.

Facilities at the Cancer Therapy Unit

The purpose of the veterinarians within the Cancer Therapy Unit is to integrate the medical, surgical and radiological treatment of your pet and their cancer. There is not one therapy that will suit all patients and with the aids of advanced diagnostic tests we aim to formulate the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet. At the Cancer Therapy Unit we have access to advanced diagnostics such as computed tomography (CT), advanced ultrasound, endoscopic and radiology suites on site in addition to off site MRI and Radiation therapy. We also have extensive laboratory facilities located here within the VSC.

Additionally our surgical team is trained in advanced oncology principles of tissue reconstruction, limb sparing in appropriate bone cancer patients and advanced management of oral and thoracic tumours.

Current clinical trials at the Cancer Therapy Unit

At the Veterinary Specialist Centre Cancer Therapy Unit we are also dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Studies are currently underway which aim to improve the management of the cancer patient in both the human and veterinary fields.

Studies at the VSC are performed with the owners consent and in accordance with animal ethics guidelines. Clinical trials can be an excellent way of helping both your pet and the greater human and animal cancer treatment communities. Studies entry is generally offered to patients for which no adequate therapy exists or which have failed standard recognized therapies. Studies are generally aimed at certain conditions and are not open to all forms of cancer.












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UPDATED: 16th March 2009